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The BS meter is pegged.

A friend just sent me a link to an article: Iran accused of September 11 role

All I can say is: that is just PATHETIC!

Anyway, the only reason I'm writing this late is because something is bugging me.

What struck me tonight were a number of strange juxtapositions. First
off, there are the items about weather and earthquake weapons that made
the rounds over the past week or so. The first one was about former
Defense Secretary Cohen openly referring to HAARP when he admitted to
programs that could "alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes
remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." Search for it on
the net, you'll find it on a bunch of conspiracy sites (not that we
don't think there's a whole bunch of conspiring going on ourselves here

Admitting to programs that can alter climate, set off earthquakes, etc.,
is a bit ambitious and really has nothing to do with HAARP. HAARP is for mind control.

However, earthquakes can be set off with EMP weapons from satellites.

I think these clowns would love people to think that they can control
climate - and maybe they can if they set off a volcano. But what they
are really trying to do is blow smoke around REAL Earth Changes; changes
that they have no weapons to stop. And these Earth Changes are what
could, conceivably, destroy most of life on Earth.

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HAARP or "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program" facility in Alaska

drives me nuts when people keep going on about HAARP and that
'chemtrail' nonsense, and none of them are asking about all the secret
space missions of the past ten years or more, nor even really using
their noggins to think this thing through.

The Cs have been explaining this stuff and talking about it for
SEVENTEEN years now! They were actually the first to talk about EMP
weapons... then, years later, Col. Corso revealed a few tidbits about
them in his book Day After Roswell. Some time later, there was
semi-official acknowledgment of their existence and then later still,
everybody was talking about it.

Then there was Ronnie's "star wars" remarks...

Just recently we see this: Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake
Which makes one wonder if focused energy from space - whether of
cosmic origin or induced by satellites - might play a key role in
setting up earthquakes.

There's more, of course, but these are dangling threads to follow and we
have followed them and have written about them, but we get drowned out
by the nonsense that passes for research nowadays, plus the major "HAARP
and chemtrail" propaganda that's been funded by the Pentagon for years
now. Heck, the same gang that funded the first HAARP book tried to buy
us back in 1997. We said "no thanks".

I sure am glad for the Cs helping me navigate this nonsense.

The next one was "Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician". As you can see by clicking the link that even Catherine Austin Fitts has been taken in by this nonsense.

Really! Just watch Zhirinovsky doing his Nikita Khruschev impersonation. I mean, what is UP with that? It is DESIGNED to create all the speculations that are racing around the net about HAARP and 'Weather Weapons'.

Come on, people, THINK! It's obvious that Zhrinovsky has been tasked
with pushing the "Weather Weapons Technology" and "Weather Wars"
business in an effort to cover up the REAL EARTH CHANGES that are
happening NOW!

Next, of course, we have Ahmadinejad accusing the West
of weather manipulation! If there was ever proof that there is already
a One World Government and the leaders of all the countries on the
planet are in on the farce that is being played out for humanity, this
is it! Russia and Iran pushing the West's agenda to mask Earth Changes
with propaganda about Weather Wars? Think about it.

It's getting harder and harder to cover up and distract attention away
from the fact that our planet is in crisis. People are noticing and all
this weather weapons nonsense is designed to make people think it's all
a 'game'. The controllers want people to think they are in
control because if people really could see that it is really all of the
long-ago-predicted Earth Changes that we are experiencing NOW, they
would turn on the governments and devour them.
Because realizing that it is Earth Changes - and that no one can control what is happening - takes away hope. And hopeless masses are very dangerous.

Now, I personally think that there are earthquake weapons in space, and they would have to be in space
because you can't control waves that you send out over or through the
planet from a fixed locator such as HAARP. The Cs explained this and
darned if it doesn't look like they were right, yet again!

Moving on now. The next thing that catches my eye is the fact that two
fairly major players on the political stage got taken out in the same
week: Strauss-Kahn and Schwarzenegger.
Well, I never liked either of them but it's damned strange for this to
have happened so synchronously. After all, the PTB take care of their
own. If they can make people believe they got Osama Bin Laden, then they can get Arnie and S-K off the hook IF THEY WANT TO.

Next, there are the meteorite/bolide hits that have been coming down lately.

First item: US: Officials Believe Meteorite Hit Basking Ridge Lawn More details here (image below).

© AP/Bernards Police Dept.

photo provided by the Bernards Police Department shows a hole in the
front yard of a home in the Basking Ridge section of the township.

Second item: Croatia: Gardeners Comet Tale

And of course, this one: Virginia, US: 'Unnerving' rumble felt across Hampton Roads remains a mystery which didn't remain a mystery too long because the experts pronounced it to have very likely been an exploding meteorite.

Then more meteorites landing in close proximity to humans: There was also the meteorite impact in Poland (see image below).

© Michał Rzepka

I'm not going to list all the recent similar events, check our "Fire in the Sky"
section for that. I'm just trying to make a point here. None of these
events are particularly exciting except for the fact that they made the
news in the way they did, and there was admission by authorities that they were probably meteorite impacts. But it reminded me of this exchange from a Cs session in 2001:

VB: Can you show Laura so she can describe to us, the catastrophic situation in our future, our near future?

Laura: It seems as though it will be a progression. Like the
beginning of rain, when the first few big, cold drops fall; and then a
pause followed by a few more drops; and then, a downpour

VB: Describe what you are seeing?

Laura: I see rocks - but they aren't very large. They are like the size
of your fist. Just a few. And they make something of a stir. An uproar.
People will be excited... very upset. It looks like just two - two small
rocks. And then nothing else happens for awhile, and then they forget
about it. It all dies down. And then, a third, a fourth, a fifth and a
sixth - and maybe even a seventh... isolated events, or so it seems.
Still small. And then, a big one. All this will go on over a period of

Now, of course, there are all these Fundies whining about the rapture that's supposed to happen tomorrow, fer gawd's sake! Last time the Fundies were carrying on about the end of the world, Japan had an 8.9 earthquake. So, either they are picking up on something that other people are not, or somebody is planting rumors and fanning them.

NOW, Iran is being blamed for 9-11? Will signs and wonders never cease?!

As I said, the Cs predicted what is happening right now 17 years ago and
laid out what it is due to... and they have been shown to be right time
and time again. Astronomer, Victor Clube, author of The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter, wrote in a report commissioned by the U.S. Air Force:

"We do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War
intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial

The World isn't going to end tomorrow and there isn't going to be a
'Rapture', but that doesn't mean that the next few days aren't sensitive
in terms of Earth Changes of some sort. But when, where, and how they
may strike, only the Universe knows. The future IS open, you know. On the other hand, somebody "in the know" may actually know Something Wicked This Way Comes and have at least an approximate ETA. Maybe that's the reason the BS has been cranked up to lethal levels?

Anyhow, that's what I see from where I sit.