all the rumblings about 'Disclosure' going on all around, I can't help
but wonder why those who are interested in this topic seem to be missing
the biggest cover-up of all: cometary/asteroid disruptors/destroyers of

Destroying history means, of course, destroying large segments of the
human population who pass history on to their offspring. When you find a
blank spot in history, a discontinuity, you can pretty well figure out
that something really awful must have happened.

I've recently been wading through the complete works of Anatoly Fomenko. Those of you who have read my book The Secret History of the World
know that I referred to him and his theories, but this was based on the
available articles about it in English at the time. I've now been
gifted with volumes 1 through 4 of his 7 volume work, along with the
images from the final three volumes which are still being translated.
It's a real revelation.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with this work, let me
assure you that I am not reading uncritically. What I do find is that
Fomenko's deconstruction is masterful. His method and results that
prove that our history has been falsified are, in my opinion,
incontrovertible. The numbers simply do not lie. What I am not very
impressed by are some of his interpretations of what he does accept as
data and his reconstruction is not satisfactory at all. He seems to be
entirely unaware of why history must have needed to be re-written: repeated cometary destruction of Europe and the Mediterranean regions over the past 2000 years or more. That general ignorance is widespread and it has a powerful bearing on the 'Disclosure' issue, I think.

Some of the recent 'Disclosure' trends seem to include information from
'government insiders' who have told their stories, or whispered hints of
amazing technology just waiting for all of us when this 'inevitable'
event happens. Sorry, but I think its all wishful thinking. Why?
Because what is interesting to me is the fact that, with all the
tracking of government documents and conspiracies and so on, it seems
that no one has mentioned to the purveyors of 'Disclosure' just how
interested the government actually is in cometary impacts.

On 4 November 1996, Edward Teller wrote to then British Prime Minister, John Major:

Every few human lifetimes, there is a bombardment event like that
which occurred in Siberia in 1908, wiping out most life over an area of
about 10,000 square miles... Quantitatively, the time-averaged
loss-of-life is comparable to that due to large floods, earthquakes and
aeroplane crashes... The advent during the last half-century of
reasonably large-scale rocket propulsion has given us the technological
means necessary to avert such impacts.

Teller, apparently, believed that the greatest threat to humankind is not nuclear war, but asteroid or comet impact.

Some groups within the military believe the problem to be very serious
indeed. A document on the subject of impact threat - now cleared for
public release but formerly classified - was prepared by the U.S.
Department of Defense in 1996. (Planetary Defense: Catastrophic Health Insurance for Planet Earth, 1996)

Due to a lack of awareness and emphasis, the world is not socially,
economically, or politically prepared to deal with the vulnerability of
impacts and their potential consequences. Further, in terms of existing
capabilities, there is currently a lack of adequate means of detection,
command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C41),
and mitigation...

In terms of courses of action in the event of a likely impact of an
ECO, [earth crossing object], other than a nuclear option, no defensive
capability exists today. However, new technologies may yield safer and
more cost-effective solutions by 2025. These authors contend that the
stakes are simply too high not to pursue direct and viable solutions to
the ECO problem. Indeed, the survival of humanity is at stake.

Dr. Jasper Wall, director of Britain's Royal Greenwich Observatory,
Cambridge noted that the Tunguska blast could have had far more serious
consequences, would have changed history, if it had occurred at a
different time.

Had Earth moved for another three hours or so before the impact
occurred, the target would not have been a barely populated corner of
Siberia, but Moscow itself. Ten million people would have died.
[interview conducted by Austen Atkinson, 1998]

Tunguska sized events occur every 30 to 100 years and smaller incidents
occur more frequently. Just such an event occurred in Brazil in 1931.
They seem to be increasing, so any day there could be another Tunguska
anywhere on the planet... or multiple Tunguska-size events.

The technology needed to detect and deflect these 'small' high-speed objects simply does not exist.

Something like 250 atomic-bomb-sized detonations due to comets and
asteroids have been registered by the USA's nuclear-detection system and
spy satellites over the course of a single decade up through 1999.
These explosions were all at relatively high altitudes, but came with a
frequency of at least 2 per month. The recent closing of this data to
scientists and the public suggests that there is something to be hidden.

There is a 1-in-24,000 chance that you will be killed by a comet or
asteroid impact during a 70 year lifespan. The chances of you getting
CJD (mad-cow disease) is 1-in 15 million during the same lifespan.
Despite the fact that you are 625 times more likely to die from a comet
or asteroid impact and are extremely unlikely to die from CJD, the CJD
risk has been highly propagandized, British beef was banned from tables,
and everyone totally ignored the far more pressing problem of possible
imminent death from space rocks. The MOD has taken no action while the
Ministry of Agriculture certainly did.

Why such a strange state of schizophrenia?

Perception. The people perceive that the government can do something about a disease, but can do nothing about space rocks.

The approach of those promoting 'Disclosure' reflects the general lack of knowledge of the problems we face that are real
and far more pressing than aliens on our planet. Mike Baillie points
out that there is still enormous ignorance of the dangers even within
the archaeological community. There is still no archaeological or
historical paradigm to deal with the historical presence and influence
of impacts. This is particularly troublesome in regards to 'Disclosure'
since strange sightings in the skies and strange beings and events historically accompany cometary events. It's as though there is some dimensional doorway-opening capacity connected to the comets/asteroids.

Mike Baillie once asked for a show of hands at an archaeological
conference, when he asked the audience if they were aware of the impact
phenomenon and its probable role in killing off the dinosaurs and its
relevance to human history. Only 10% raised their hands.

Is this an example of "ignorance is bliss"? Do people really think that
all will be well if we close our eyes and minds to reality?
Unfortunately, Nature is not usually very kind to the slothful or
apathetic. It's not adaptive and such individuals may not pass on their
genes to future generations.

Because of the hold that religious uniformitarianism has on the minds of
most members of our civilization, the concept of cometary impacts has
been relegated to popular fiction and entertainment. The scientific
community has been uniformly slow in understanding the wider
implications across disciplines from astronomy to geology to economics
and history.

It all seems so remote to them... what with our Earthly troubles,
politics, war, economic troubles, etc. If people could only step back
for a moment and really understand that those problems are meaningless
in the context of the fact that it all could come to a sudden, fiery end
in an instant; death that is unwelcome, terrible, and without mercy.

In 1979, Victor Clube and Bill Napier published their seminal scientific paper in the British journal Nature,
titled "A Theory of Terrestrial Catastrophism". There was little notice
paid to this paper. It was seven months later that Luis Alvarez and
his son, Walter, linked this theory with their geological mystery: the
extinction of the dinosaurs. They published their work in 1980 in the
American journal, Science. There was an uproar and an
immediate backlash from the Uniformitarian school. In 1990, ten years
after the Alvarez paper, the K/T impact crater was found in data
obtained from oil drilling geophysicists. Here we notice that it is
private industry that is controlling the scientific data that is needed
so desperately by all of humanity. This should change!

Nowadays, the detractors of the impact theory are in the minority and
look increasingly like lunatics in denial. The Uniformitarian view has
gripped science for so long that some of them will go to their graves
denying the overwhelming evidence. Some of them will accept the K/T
impact, and then comfort themselves with the idea that it only happens
at millions of years intervals.

Not so.

We must not be seduced into thinking that this is a threat that is
remote from us, nor be hypnotized by thinking only about large, global
extinction impactors such as the K/T event. The primary threat is that
of the 'deathrock' in the size range of 300 meters to 2 kilometers. The
risk from these objects is very, very real and can produce catastrophes
that kill millions, if not billions, and render vast tracts of the
globe uninhabitable for long periods.

Tree-ring chronologies along with ice-cores have been very valuable in
assessing the possibility that impacts have been far more frequent, and
dangerous, than ever previously suspected. Many events have occurred
since 2345 BC and have continued to the present day.

Historical records can also provide precious clues if they are looked at
properly. There are many historical accounts of what can only be
understood as impact phenomena in history that have been, up to now,
wrongly interpreted.

The only way to develop coherent understanding and theories about these
matters is via cross-disciplinary studies. There is so much information
available in all fields that, if it is all cross-referenced and
correlated, a true picture of our past - and future - can be had.

Unfortunately, very few scientists are studying the matter in a
polymathic way. I'm not a scientist, but I guess I'm a polymath. More
of such are needed, desperately.

The U.S. Military is, apparently, as I've already noted, quite concerned
about these matters and it is surprising that the 'Disclosure'
advocates have missed this fact. A 1 kilometer asteroid traveling at an
average speed of 50 km/s will impact the Earth with an explosive force
equivalent to 30,000 megatons of TNT. That is the equivalent of 2.5
million Hiroshima-sized bombs!

Smaller impactors in the 50 to 1 meter range can generate H-bomb-sized
explosions, the equivalent of 10 to 20 megatons of TNT. Tunguska
experienced just such an event in 1908, as did Brazil in 1931.

The Tunguska event produced a global scattering of iridium discovered in the Greenland ice cores.

As noted, you have a 1-in-24,000 chance of being killed by a comet or
asteroid. This is about the same risk factor you experience when you
get on an airplane. See the problem? An enormous amount of money is
spent on aircraft safety, and virtually none spent on the same
time-averaged risk of impact threat.

Since the 'Disclosure' advocates have gotten so close to the military
technology people (according to them), perhaps they are aware that
military contractors such as Lockheed Martin and government agencies
such as NASA, have become extremely concerned by the potential impact
threat. Lockheed Martin used its energy laboratory at Sandia to
research the impact threat. Using energy equations similar to those
developed by Teller, which take into account environmental and
atmospheric factors, Sandia's team of scientists were able to create
virtual-reality simulations of a catastrophic impact. This project was
led by David Crawford and Arthurine Breckenridge. They modeled the
impact of a 1.4 kilometer-diameter comet, weighing approximately 1,000
million tons and traveling at 60 km/s as it strikes the Atlantic Ocean
25 miles south of New York. This work was done with the most advanced
computation equipment on the planet. This was no computer game.
Sandia's team also modeled the impacts of Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter with
stunning accuracy.

The conclusions were horrifying.

The comet impacts with the ocean and instantly vaporizes 300 to 500
cubic kilometers of water forming a temporary cavity in the ocean. The
equivalent of 300 gigatons of TNT energy is released at that instant -
ten times the explosive power of all the world's nuclear weapons
together. The heat generated is in excess of 5,000 degrees Celsius.

Five seconds after the comet hits the ocean, a tremendous impact plume
composed of superheated debris, earth and water, smothers most of Long

Eleven seconds after impact, the New York coastline is swept by
superheated steam and ejected debris. At the same time, a large
proportion of the ejected debris has now penetrated Earth's atmosphere
in sub-orbital trajectories. Molten ejecta begins to fall on New York
and the heat generated by the impact has begun to incinerate everything
in its path - entire cities and forests are turned into cinders almost

Finally, the global debris cloud rapidly lowers temperatures worldwide
and this is followed by the moisture evaporated into the atmosphere
starting to fall as snow. David Crawford, leader of the Sandia team,

It's almost like doing an experiment - one you could never do. One
you would never want to do. {Sandia National Laboratory, PR: 5 May

What is interesting is how our "fearless leaders" are looking at this
problem. Their question is: "Is Earth and its human population worth

My guess is that they are trying to get everything locked down so that
they can eliminate a lot of people with plausible excuses, and get away
with it; that is, do it without risking the entire population turning
against the PTB. And so, they play war games, they create terrorism,
they play out farces of being at odds with one another when it is really
the average human being in all countries who is the enemy of the
leaders, all of whom - even if they play at being opposed to one another
- are in the same club.